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चाय और तुम

शाम के धुँधलके में
अचानक तुम्हारा मैसेज आया
“चाय पीने चलोगे?”
और मैंने सोचा
तुम्हारे लिए तो बस शाम की चाय हैं
हमारे लिए दिन शुरू करने कि वजह

काम की देरी की परवाह भी न थी
क़दम खुद-ब-खुद तुम्हारी तरफ बढ़ चले
अपनी तरफ़ यूँ ही देखा
और मैंने सोचा
तुम्हारे लिए तो ये बस चंद लम्हें हैं
हमारे लिए दुनिया को छोड़ देने कि तत्परता

घर के पास की ही उस टपरी पर
उस दिन बैठने कि जगह भी न थी
तुमने अनजाने में ही एक चिढ़ा हुआ चेहरा बनाया
और मैंने सोचा
तुम्हारे लिए वो जगह आज चिड़चिड़ी है
हमारे लिए गरमी में जैसे मनोहर छाँव

पैसे देने के वक़्त भोलेपन से तुमने मेरी तरफ देखा
और कहाँ – “मैं आज पैसे लाना भूल गयी!”
मैं, हमेशा की तरह मुस्कुराया
और मैंने सोचा
तुम्हारे लिए वो चाय भले दस रुपये कि है
हमारे लिए अनमोल

और एक यह आज है
तुम साथ नहीं हो
और मेरे हाथों में ये चाय की प्याली है
सच कहूं, बहुत सी चाय की प्यालियाँ पी है तुम्हारे बिना
और यकीन मानो मेरा
तुम कितनी भी बेख़बर हो
जानी-पहचानी चाय भी तुम्हारे साथ
एक अनजानी सी सुकून देती है
न ही वो चाय आम हैं
न ही वो लम्हे आम हैं

मैं कविता लिखता नहीं, न ही मुझे कविता लिखनी आती है. आज बस यूंही कुछ लिखने का दिल चाहा 🙂


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Strawberry Avalanches, Saltwater Rooms, Vanilla Twilights and Fireflies – Of Owl City :)

There are songs for every mood.

Some song genres like Rock or Gothic can make some people feel energetic (though most times they never make sense to me). Then there is rap & hip-hop which is all about attitude & cursing and cussing anyone & everyone – African-Americans (referred as niggers in these songs)/world/life/girls (ALWAYS referred as bitches in these songs)/parents etc etc. Then there is country music which can be relaxing & easy going most times (depressing at other times) 😛

But then, once in a while, you encounter something as unique as Owl City 🙂

Now, don’t get me wrong here. I like “Bitch ain’t shit but hoes & trick” as much as any other song but lets face it, you cannot always listen to violent songs or catchy peppy tune pop songs. Once in a while, you want to just plug in your iPod, switch off the lights, lie down, close your eyes & listen to music that make you feel, well, in search of a better term, let’s call bliss. Here comes artists like Coldplay & Owl City (at least for me). What puzzles me is that although most people know Coldplay, very little is known about Owlcity. It may be because Owl City is very new compared to Coldplay.

{Before you ask – NO, they haven’t paid me to do their publicity, although I won’t mind some extra cash & hash :P}

Still From the music Video of Brielle

If you look up on Wiki, it would say “Owl City is an American Second Wave synthpop musical project by American Adam Young”. Boy, I had to look up what’s “Second Wave synthpop” !!! :P. So, in short Adam was suffering from Insomnia & decided to make music on his laptop in his parent’s basement at night. He started posting his music on MySpace & thus happened a record deal.

I think that one reason that I like the music of Adam Young is that I can relate with him (seriously :P). I know what its like to be up all alone at 4 AM in the morning, when the whole world is silent, when you can even hear the water drops & can hear music in it, a time of day when the world is at its best – serene, beautiful, blissful. Also, I know that if I ever make any music, it won’t be on a guitar/Synth but on a laptop 😛

What’s unique about Owl City’s music is the arrangement of songs, the extremely fascinating & soothing lyrics & the fact that they take you to an all together different world. By the way, my favorite of all his lyrics is from “Vanilla Twilight” –

The silence isn’t so bad
Till I look at my hands and feel sad
‘Cause the spaces between my fingers
Are right where yours fit perfectly

Also, Owl City appreciates and celebrates the beauty around us, something that we forget all the time. Tell me frankly, when was the last time you looked at the Sky and just stared at the stars or allowed yourself to get drenched in the rain like there is no pneumonia 😛

My point is that Owl City’s songs have the most unconventional names which make them even more mysterious. Just a look at the track listings from his most successful album “Ocean Eyes” tells the whole story –

The Bird and the Worm, The Saltwater Room, On The Wing, Vanilla Twilight, Tidal Wave, The Tip of The Iceberg, Meteor Shower, Fireflies, If My Heart Was a House etc.

In one interview that I saw, Adam said that he prefers instrumental songs because they don’t have any lyrics & you can interpret them in any way you like. One tune can be made happy, sad or dreamy depending on what is your interpretation of that tune. Now amidst the “bieberization” of music, when has anyone made such a profound statement.

Well my point is that if you have heard Owl City before, wait with me for more magical music (the latest I heard from him is To The Sky From upcoming Motion Picture “Legend of the Guardians”). If you have never heard it or just heard a few songs, then here are few recommendations of my favorite Owl City songs –

1. Fireflies

2. The Saltwater Room (Ft Breanne Duren) – A few words about Breanne. If you don’t know whats its like to fall in love with just few words of a female singer, do listen to this track 🙂

3. Vanilla Twilight

4. Brielle

5. Umbrella Beach

6. On The Wing

7. Hello Seattle

P.S. – A big thank you to Mr Ajay Pandey & Mr Mohit Dantre, two strangers who were good as to like my blogs & letting me know. Although this post is a more personal one, I hope I can ensure their revisits 🙂

P.P.S – No need to tell me its a mushy mushy post.

P.P.P.S – I forgot to mention, do watch the Owl City videos – they are equally amazing. If only I could have a room like the one in Fireflies video 🙂

Till Next Post 🙂


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I love Rachel Mcadams !!!

Disclaimer : This post is entirely author’s opinion and supposed to be personal. Respect his feelings and enjoy the post 😛

Sure God created many beautiful women before Rachel McAdams.  But then, you always make a few rough drafts before the final masterpiece.  ~Some Unknown great writer (I will give you a hint: He writes this blog :D)

I risk saying the above quote knowing fully well that people will frown upon and there will be a lot of hues and cries of disapproval but hell, do I look like I care !!! Actually you can’t see me right now, but that’s beside the point. Anyway, just in case if you are a Hollywood movie fan and still don’t know Rachel McAdams, then you are wasting your precious time on this earth.

I won’t be exaggerating if I say that she is one of the best thing that has happened to Hollywood in recent years. She may not have an Academy award nomination(yet), leave apart winning one but who says that you need some random academy’s approval to be the best. I know that its too early to predict anything about how things will turn out for her in the future but based on the choice of roles that she has made in the past, I can say that she will continue to rule the silver screen in years to come.

Just to give an idea about how ideal an investment she is,’s ranked her # 3 in its Top Ten Best Actresses for the Buck List — She made $30 for each $1 paid.  She may not be drop dead beautiful like Jolie, Kate Winslet or some other FHM girls but you always get to see a different aura around her which is puzzling and enlightening at the same time.

I, for one, like her because of the way she plays her different roles so very comfortably and gets into the skin of the character. Firstly observed by me in “Mean Girls“, my liking for her blew the roof off when I saw “The Notebook“. And let me just take a moment here to say that her kiss in that movie with Ryan Gosling was one of the most sensual (non-nude) scene, ever ahh 😛

In recent times, I saw her new movies “State of Play” in which she played the role of an investigating journalist and “The Time Traveler’s Wife” which is mostly a nicely crafted chick flick.I loved the way she played these two roles so naturally. One was a serious movie which, of course, is slightly unknown terrain for her and she still manages to stand tall in front of greats like Russel Crowe and Ben Affleck (well not him that much :P).

As the Sherlock Holmes movie opens next week worldwide, I cannot wait to get to theater and watch her with the classic detective character of Doyle. The fact that she plays the character of Irene Adler, possibly the most intriguing fictional female character make it even more exciting. Needless to say, we all have great expectations from this movie.

In the end I would just say this – I know she is not the most talented or gorgeous actress around but the roles she is choosing make her one of the favorites for top spot in the years to come. Hate her or like her, the way she is going, no one can ignore her (so she is like Salman Khan)

P.S. – Till Next Post 🙂


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I am too Old for this shit … wait, Really, Am I !!!

Since the time I have come from the college life to what the intellectuals refer to as “real world” (and quite gleefully so, dunno why), I have felt that among other things that I so dearly miss, there is one specific aspect of that life that I miss a lot. In one of my previous posts I mentioned about the “intellectual” group that we used to have in college. Well, this post is a more detailed explanation of what this “philosophy” and “way of life” it used to be and what it is as of now.

Now, those who know me are aware that I am a movie and TV Series buff. It so happens that in college, we used to be a bunch of friends and all of us enjoyed watching movies and recommending them to one another (hence, chances are really high that if someone came to any of us and boasted that I watched this movie or episode today, he/she would be bombarded with uproar and cries like “अभी तक नहीं देखा था तुम” and “कुछ मखाऊ है बे तू” etc :P). Its another thing that we will then discuss at least half an hour about the various high points and share our personal observations about that movie.

If some new movie will release or some series’s new episode will come, then we will discuss that full length on gtalk or when we meet for god knows how long. We would forward each other the various blog posts and webpages to illuminate others in our group (this is true especially for series like LOST and generally for most of them) and let them know some extra info about the plot or back stage drama etc. Oscars used to be our celebration time and you would be shocked if you knew how accurately we used to predict the winners (well in advance). I for one, drank to Kate Winslet when she won her first Oscars, it didn’t mattered that I had a grand viva (or BTP presentation, don’t remember, don’t care) the next day :). This love goes to the length that when we were mailing professors throughout the world for a foreign training, the first place we started was University of California, LA and the first state we covered was LA :D.

The jokes that we cracked or the discussions that we had were obviously, almost always were referred back to any movie/series. Wednesday night was refereed as beer night among us as a tribute to The Big Bang Theory. Even the minor day to day activities were referred to as “you know, the same thing happened to so and so character from so and so movie/series”. Just for e.g. one of our friends was more “dukhi” than usual on one day (well he always is “dukhi”, so some of you know by now who he is :P). Anyways, so he came to us and said that he and his girlfriend (notably his first one) had a minor fight and he was worried sick that they are gonna break up now. As good friends, we gave relationship advise (huh… of all people, us giving relationship advise, life is so not fair and it sure sucks at these moments 😛 !!!! ). Anyways, we have our share of “expertise”, however, superficial it is. So, we consoled him saying that couples do not break up on issues like this (I don’t remember the issue, but it was awfully petty). You’re in first relationship of your life and that’s why you are so apprehensive about such a minor issue. We gave examples of Ross from F.R.I.E.N.D.S (you’ll know if you have seen it as many times as us) and he was clear why such a thing was happening to him. Most recently, one of my heartbroken friend (the girl fed him the classic let’s remain friend and I don’t wanna lose a great friend like you bullshit) was telling his story after 4 X 60 ml of Whisky and was saying that we are only good friends now and blah blah, we reminded him of the little wisdom given by Harry in When Harry met Sally “Men and Women can’t be just friends”. God bless that heart break kid (another movie, see this is what I am talking about).

Enough with the ramblings, the point of all of this is to make you clearly understand the environment that I spent last four years in. Hence, when I came here, I was awfully frustrated at first because of my habit of “intellectual” talks and ambience. Of course, “real world” is so different, most specifically the girls’s knowledge level in this field. If you start pulling your hairs for every blunder they make, very soon you will be like Ted and even sooner like Turk (Scrubs reference). Anyways, saying their knowledge as disastrous is an understatement by miles and miles. Now, whenever I am in a group and crack a joke like remember the same happened in that movie, everyone (read mostly the girls) look at me blankly and I feel like a stupid, although I know that this joke is super hilarious. Today, even during the process of writing  this blog, at lunch, when I cracked a Simpoo Singh Joke, one of my friend (girl, like that’s not obvious) said “who’s Simpoo Singh ?  (God ….arghhhh). One of my friends wrote in his blog that for him eating veg food is like asking Paris Hilton to count to 10. We all know how excruciating that can be for her. When I shared this joke, the response I got was “Is she really that dumb” and even “Who is Paris Hilton” (भगवन उठा ले इस दुनिया से .. मुझे नहीं, ऐसे लोगों को :P). I have met people here who have not heard (let alone watch) Schindler’s List. People here don’t understand when I say that Will Smith is there to save the world and as long as he’s alive nothing can happen to us. He will produce movie himself if no other producer wants him to save the world, but he will go to any extent to answer his self declared calling. If you have watched Independence Day, Men in Black, I-Robot, Hancock, I am Legend etc etc you will know what I am talking about 😛

Okay, okay a step back …. I know I am pushing it too far now and went on to give some really bad examples 🙂

Anyways, the point is that I know that I can’t expect people to be at the same level as me (not glorifying myself here :P) but nevertheless, I still expect that people should at least be aware of some really basic lingo. After all, its really unlikely that they haven’t watched Jab We Met or Kal Ho Na Ho. Just one high point so far – it was really good and pleasantly refreshing to know that at least some people still do know आप पुरुस नहीं महापुरूस है dialogue 🙂

This brings me back to the title of this blog – Now, sometimes I feel so out of place that I feel may be I am acting too naive. As Danny Glover used to say in Lethal Weapon series – I am too old for this shit (Also Ted Mosby in HIMYM, S04E19). On the slightly different note, but still in the same spirit, I think that may be its best to just stay quite and crack only the conventional jokes and indulge in only “worldly” conversations. May be its time to grow (as some will put is) but then why it feels like something is not right and that something is out of place. Guess its just my resistance to let go of an immensely nostalgic lifestyle, the unforgettable memories that I will always cherish and probably will always long for.

P.S. – As an example to our dedication for movies, here’s listed a very interesting testimonial written on Orkut by one of my friends for another friend. Try an interesting exercise, can you tell me the name of movies from which they have been taken from? It’s fairly simple, I can assure you that. And puhleez (girly style for please) – don’t Google 😛

Who is XYZ?
You sure you want to know?
The answer is out there, and it’s looking for you, and it will find you if you want it to.But on this most auspicious of nights, permit me then, in lieu of the more commonplace sobriquet, to suggest the character of this dramatis persona.
If somebody told you he was just your average ordinary guy, not a care in the world… somebody lied. It’s not who he is underneath, but what he does that defines him.
Well how dangerous is this guy? Compared to what – Bubonic Plague!
I imagine that right now, you’re feeling a bit like Alice. Hmm? Tumbling down the rabbit hole?
Unfortunately, no one can be told who Chandan is. You have to see him for yourself.

Who is XYZ?

You sure you want to know?

The answer is out there, and it’s looking for you, and it will find you if you want it to. But on this most auspicious of nights, permit me then, in lieu of the more commonplace sobriquet, to suggest the character of this dramatic persona.

If somebody told you he was just your average ordinary guy, not a care in the world… somebody lied. It’s not who he is underneath, but what he does that defines him. Well how dangerous is this guy? Compared to what – Bubonic Plague!

I imagine that right now, you’re feeling a bit like Alice. Hmm? Tumbling down the rabbit hole? Unfortunately, no one can be told who XYZ is. You have to see him for yourself.

Till Next Post – Hasta La Vista, Baby 🙂


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Why “Rants,Raves and Small Talks”

One of the common questions that I have faced since I started blogging was why the name “Rants, Raves and Small Talks”. Well, truly speaking, it just occurred to me subconsciously and I kept the name as it came to me. In retrospect, here’s why I think it’s a befitting title.

I don’t consider that a personal blog like mine should have a unifying theme. Although I have seen some very interesting blogs specifically devoted to the personal interest of the blogger (which of course is the popular preference for the professional bloggers) and they are unquestionably brilliant but I, for one, don’t want to write on any one specific genre but rather wanted to spread my wings in all possible directions (you see, every child is special, this kinda reminds me of Taare Zameen Par :P). A rant, usually, is not unified and can go from one direction to any other.

Hence, when I decided to pen down (rather keyboard down :P) some arbitrary ramblings because I thought that whatever I think is usually unstructured and essentially a rant.

Few more disclaimers – I don’t hail myself as a very gifted blogger, so if you are looking for something intellectually refreshing, this might not be the perfect place for you. My logic is twisted many times and so much so that it can cross limits of ridiculousness. Needless to say, I keep my blogs very light and entertaining. It also features some of my personal thoughts about subjects which I strongly feel and believe should be shared with one and all (most of these subjects are generally ridiculous). One of the benefits that I see of my blog is that I can write randomly and on random subjects. Perhaps one day, I will write on randomness as well 😛

I’m actually still learning about me. I know me as I am, but I’m still not sure who I want to be. My blog will show as I make the connection between who I am and who I want to be. I’ll talk about anything I want to, when I want to. Good, bad, boring or silly. Any topic I want to, friends, girls, boys, movies, marriage, sex, work, anything really. I can be wordy sometimes, so my posts tend to be long then. Sometimes I prefer to be concise so my posts will be short (Of course, its an obvious thing, but anyways I will emphasize. After all, it’s my fucking blog :D)

May be there can be a better title for a blog, but as for my blog, I believe that I made an appropriate choice. As a reader, you deserve to hate it, love it, or even feel indifferent and that’s your prerogative but in the end I sincerely believe that, on some level, you would agree with me.

Till Next Post 🙂


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Past And Future

In the past few months, my life has changed a great deal and as I would like to think, so have I. On June 15th, I joined ZS Associates in Pune and started my career as an analyst doing sales and marketing consulting. Despite a tough recession, IIT Kgp managed to provide job to a fortunate few of us. Entering into a professional life after a college experience from IIT Kgp is never easy (if you know what I mean).

Actually I don’t think you do. Let me just explain this – Kgp is a place where you don’t have to bother going classes, you can hang out with your friends all days and night, eat when you like, drink when you like (truly :P), study 15 days a year and you will be more than fine. All you have to worry about at this place is which movie/TV Series to watch and who to chat with.  As compared to that peaceful life, here, you have deadlines to follow, have to come office daily and most of all, sometimes work 15 hrs a day and you are still not sure whether you are going to be fine or not :). Another hurdle is to settle in. Now, you start worrying about taxes and loans and allowances and what not (pfff…). Savings are not an issue with me because I don’t really plan to save any :P.

Anyways, so far so good, for I have compromised with the fact that change will happen, it’s bound to happen. It seems hard to let go of the calm and monotonous life of Kgp and start all over again. Nevertheless, if you ask me if I am feel happy and satisfied, then despite of all the things I said above, I would say – Hell Yeah!!!

Things are good and things are exciting. I definitely miss watching movies 18 hrs a day and sleeping without an alarm clock. I do miss my friends and the “intellectual” humor that we shared. Granted, now a lot of things have changed, few for good I guess. I now have an instant accessibility to KFC and multiplexes. I don’t have to wait for DVDrip of movies and can go watch all the new releases. But most of all, I am finally at a place where the sex ratio is reasonable (although sometimes it feels a little higher on the favorable side :D).

All I can say for now is that the future beckons and although I don’t know what it holds, I would love to explore and enjoy myself today. Looking back, I could say I lived my life at Kgp in a way I wanted. I will always cherish the place for all the unforgettable memories and lifelong friends. Without a shred of doubt, Kgp is the best place that I have ever been in :).

For the dual degree, M.Sc., Archi and Backlog friends (hopefully this time I haven’t missed anyone :P) – Enjoy your stay at Kgp while you can and all the best for your placements/app/CAT/GMAT etc. Last but not the least, I would love to hear from my B.Tech. friends about their experiences.


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My first blog post about the friends with whom I spent three glorious years at Patel hall.

Biswas, Manish, Radio and me were wingies from 2nd year and then joined tatu and chandu. What followed next can only be described as legendary 🙂



1. Anupam Biswas aka Biswas aka maggu
Favorite Quote –Are u kidding us !!! We haven’t heard him speak that often!!!

Favorite hangout place – Sup-Dup, Azad and Aerospace department

Most Memorable moment

Wingie : abe aaj tera tr8 hai, kahan bhaag gaya hai be tu
Biswas : abe bandi k saath date par hun

The cali man, maggu man and the only person in the wing having a kgp gf 😛

Yeh na tr8 lene na dene me yakeen karte hai …. din raat mugai aur btp ka load liye bina inka dinner neeche nahi jaata ….. aero dep’s only guy in our patel batch and then too he have a single digit DR. Ek jamane me patel fart team me bahut h**ne wale humare bong was the database of our OP times. All the intros were mugged up and vomited when and where ever needed (or not needed). OP meetings me iski wajah ae bahuton ne galiyan khaayi hai. Have only recently started watching TV series and movies (maggu s**la)…. anyways he is catching up fast and hope he will be able to catch (huh .. like thats gonna happen). Being placed in HUL, we all wish him all the success. Go Rock Bangy dude !!!

2. Chandra Shekhar aka Chands/Chandu
Favorite Quotes –

1. Abe aaj fir night out maar diya be

2. Abe cycle hai kya ??

3. Abe tere paas Metrogyl hai na !!!

Favorite hangout place – His room with his chaddi buddies (khati, Amit, KD, Bruce Lee and Mukki)

Most Memorable moment

Wingie : abe tu subah se 4 baar hu**a maara aur abhi fir jaa raha hai be !!!

Chandu : abe nahi aaj toh better condition me hai be warna saath aath to aise hi ho jaate hai

3 saal fight maarne k baad atleast 2‐3 guitar chords sikh gaya baccha. Agar wing se kabhi chillane ki awaz aaye toh yeh pakka hai ki chandu apne ghatiya rock songs is tarah gaa raha hai jaise “pressure” laga hua ho !!! Inke room ka darwaza 2nd year se ab tak 4 baar thoda jaa chukka hai kyunki yeh alarm lagate hai apne liye aur jagate hai poore B block ko !!! Sutte k dabbe collect karna inka congenital passion hai, yahan tak ki dukan se khali dabba bhi utha lene se chukte nahi hai yeh. Aadhe peg me puke maarna ka guiness book of kgp record aaj tak inke hi naam par hai lekin yeh aaj tak modest bane hue hai aur credits lene ko bilkul bhi ready nahi hai 🙂 … gunda jaisi movies baar baar dekhna inka passion hai aur kuch na mile toh wahi sab repeat karte hai …… We pray god to give him a life ASAP 😛

3. Sharat Shekhar/tootsi/tattoo/(u can guess)

Favorite Quote s–

1. abe jaldi chal, H**gg* aa raha hai !!!

2. abe bandi se chat kar raha hun

Favorite hangout place

1. Cheddis after a night out (been admitted to BC Roy hospital recently due to this :))

2. Bhaski ‐ din ke kisi bhi time pe

Most Memorable moment

Wingie : Abe mere 100 rupees laute de bhai.. plz bahut jaroorat hai !!!

Tatu : are yaar abhi mere paas to nahi hai.. but yeh le 10 rupees isse kaam chala 😀

Pata nahi is bande mein itna “tempo” kahan se aa gaya, aisa lagta hai jaise birth defect hai. Khane ko is tarah se treat karta jaisa hi kisi dushman ki biwi ho, ek normal person se double‐triple khana iske liye bahut hi mamooli baat hai. Yeh ek aisa banda jo bas ek gaane ko subah se shaam tak baar‐baar lagaatar sunne ki cali rakhta hai. Patel hall sento/tempo isse jyada shayad kisi me nahi hoga. Illu me daily nighouts ho ya kisi event me team ko cheer karna ho, sabse jyada tempo tattoo ko hi hota hai.
Apart from this his ‘love’ for 2nd years is immense, shayad hi B block me koi hoga jisse usne sutta nahi mangaya ho aur shayad hi koi defaulter mess duty ho jise isne ‘thappad’ ki dhamki nahi di ho. Is jaise kanjoos ko auditor bana kar hall ne iska talent sahi pahchana ….. hope ki yeh apne ‘tempo’ ka level down kare aur ’cycle’ k level par le aa sake 🙂

4. Rahul Deo/radeo/radio/juice

Favorite Quote

1. kya be madar**** ?

2. bhak bosdi !

3. I love CANADA !!!

Favorite hangout place – His room and chemistry department labs

Most Memorable moment

During his internship at Montreal, Canada, Mr Rahul Deo went to a pub. A girl saw him and asked him to follow her to a corner (he being a juice and all). With ecstasy and intense hope of making a score, he followed her to the corner.

Girl – I will give you a smooch for $ 20.

Radio ‐ :O (Psyched for a moment or two, but then his ‘Indian instincts’ took charge) ….. I will pay you $ 5 for the kiss 🙂

The girl became livid.

Girl – You cheap Indians. No wonder ur country is so poor and backward. You have to bargain even in matters like this. Then she kept cursing India and Indians for at least 5 min (non‐stop).

When she was done with it, our friend Radio – yeah ur right, India and those Indians really suck. I totally agree with you. Do you know why ? Because I am a PAKISTANI 🙂

A person having a brilliant knack for making friends. While in Canada for internship he made at least 50‐60 friends (including some really hot chicks) who paid for his drinks everyday:) , may b that’s y he is going Canada again this year. Ise jaane wala har bande ki radio se acchi dosti hai, is bande ko load me dekhne wale shayad bas hum wingies hi hai. Btw did I tell you, he is department rank 4 (out of 5 students : P). A big fan of Beatles and always pesters kingy for a feedback before watching any movie. After his problems with his lungs, he had to leave sutta 😛 but the daaru addiction is still growing day by day. Recently started running in gnan ghosh and have been a regular mess goer. His love for Canada grows every day, his favourite character Robin Scherbatsky and our favourite show HIMYM 🙂 . All we wanna say to him is Canada suxx dude .. big time !!!

5. Ashish Kumar Srivastava/king kong/raja kong/kingy
Favorite Quote

1.abe tu chutiya hai kya ?

2.bhak be !

Favorite hangout place

1.Patel Hall Mess
2. His room (haven’t seen a clean room like his)

Most Memorable moment

Yeh story maybe kisi ko yaad na ho. Baat hamari 1st yr ki hai jab 2nd sem mein Electrical Lab hua karta tha.. chahe woh koi bhi section ho.. every1 was dreaded with electrical profs. Hum logo ka Viva‐voce tha.. so as usual aap jitna bhi padh ke jaoo.gandagi toh honi hi hai.

Anyways, scene kuch aisa hai.. 2 profs and unke saamne hamara kingy..

Prof : So, u bloody 1st yr.. what do u know about.. **@%$#&(#@… ?

Kingy (after a loooong pause and scratching his head): …..GOOD QUESTION (with a gr8 smile as if he has just conquered the world :P)!!

Is jawaab se prof hallu ho gaya.. thode hi der mein ek lab file lab space mein udaan bharte hue kahin door jake land kiya.. so aisa hai kingy.. jo prof ke ques ka ans ka jawaab deta hai good question.. lolzz. Finally he was given a big andaa.

Banda thoda dheema rang ka hai.. thoda bhaari sharer bhi rakhta hai.. but launda heera hai heera. Floodlight jala ke bhi aisa banda na milega. Bande ki favourite hobby hai mess mein breakfast karna, aur to aur kgp mein ek bhi breakfast na chodne ka record bhi isi ka banaya hua hai. Frusst se frusst series ya movie dekhne ka cali hai is bande mein. Agar kisi se apni dushmani nikaalni ho to bas suggest him that series jisko kingy ne bas 2 season ke baad discontinue kar diya ho :). Bechara US jaake bhi banda strip club nahi ja paaya. Reason – because he wasn’t 21 😛 . Ek aur bahut hi interesting baat jo shayad hi kisi ko pata ho, bande ke paas har sem ki library se issued books mil jaayengi.. matlab maggu bhi hai. Upar likhit itne saare acche guno ke baad bhi yeh yaaroon ka yaar hai.. but treat ke naam yeh kisi ko bhool/pehchaan jata hai.. Rock On Dude !!!! 🙂

6. Manish Mayank/sonu/mama/etc.

Favourite quote

1. abe tum log ko kuch kaam nahi hai kya !!!

2. abe tum log accha movie batate nahi ho yar

Favourite hangout place – His room (he leaves that rarely)

Most Memorable Moment

During daru tr8 of 2nd year
Mallik – abe tu daaru nahi pee raha hai be ?

Manish – papa ko promise kiye hai ki nahi piyenge
Mallik – abe madar****, tab toh tu jaroor piyega … (to mangal)… abe RS ka bottle lao toh be !!!

Hence, finally, akhirkar pahli baar manish ne daaru piya aur aadhi bottle se jyada gatak gaya. Seniors bhi psych ho gaye ki yeh saala humara bhi baap nikalega. After many pukes and bakchodi finally inhe room bheja gaya. But wait wait, the story is not over yet. Next afty inhe BC Roy hospital me bheja gaya jahan inhe 4 bottle pani chadhaya gaya 🙂 Us din se aaj tak inhone darru ko haath nahi lagaya hai.

He is the load man of our wing – placement, societies, internships, CFA , acads, swimming, Gym, bandi etc etc, isko itne load hai ki bhagwan jab neeche dekhta hai toh use bhi load ho jaata hai ki koi insan itne saaare load ek saath kaise le sakta hai 🙂 …khud bahut load lena aur doosre ko bhi transfer karte rahna inki favorite hobby hai. Strictly watch movie on recommendation although he can withstand any hu**a documetry. Btw itne busy hone k baad bhi yeh apni bandi k liye time nikal hi lete hai. Inhe hamesha khud k liye kuch productive karna jaroori hai …. NGO se lekar societies sabme kaam kiya hai. Aur to aur internship me bhi he’s against FT (kuch kaam toh karte nahi hai be FT me, bas ghoomne ka kya fayada :D). Shayad hi inka room kabhi locked mile, doosre ka kaan c**dna inki no 1 cali hai, har baat par funde dena (bhale aap lena chahe ya nahi, maange ya nahi) inki fitrat hai. Bas aur kya bole bas bhagwan se dua hai inke bacchen itne lodu na ho 🙂

Credits : Radio and yours truly 😀

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