Life List

I have a pocketful of dreams just like any other person and I intend to fulfill at least a few of them. Hence, I have made a list of things that I wanna do in my life. This is going to be an ongoing list. I will list the things I want to do in my life as I go ahead.

I will try not to include anything that can clearly never happen because it is just not possible (such as reading minds like Matt Parkman or become the next MJ :P). Though some of them are within reach for whatever reasons. Some of these things may be ongoing things. It’s more about starting and it doesn’t count until it’s habit.

I’ll be adding to it, so I’ll keep the date it was last updated at the top of the list. If I blog about it, which I probably will, I will link that entry.

27 December 2009

Most Recently Updated:
27 March 2013

  1. Learn to swim. (24th June 2010)
  2. Visit every continent. (Asia and North Americadoneso far).
  3. Complete a marathon.
  4. Go Bungee Jumping.
  5. Take a photo with a celebrity.
  6. Hike the Grand Canyon.
  7. Read 20 books on at least 5 different genre in an year. (2010, 2011)
  8. Act as an extra in any TV show, movie or music video.
  9. Go backpacking across Europe.
  10. Go on a Road trip driving 24 hrs (so far achieved 15 hrs of driving)
  11. Learn to play 29, Poker and Bridge.
  12. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and Ride in a NYC Subway.(1st August, 2010)
  13. Leave a ridiculously big tip for a breakfast waitress.
  14. Go to a nude beach.
  15. Take a picture of the schools where my parents studied.
  16. Learn how to ski.
  17. Ride in a submarine.
  18. Donate Blood again.
  19. Learn how to drive a train.
  20. Try a ridiculously bizarre job for at least a week.
  21. Buy something for each of my parents that they couldn’t afford on their own.
  22. Attend a Taylor Swift Concert.
  23. Skydive along with a full video. (Long Island, NY. May 26, 2012)
  24. Post a video on YouTube. (June 21, 2012)
  25. Take a vacation to visit Ladakh.
  26. Witness Snowfall. (Newark, NJ. 26th December, 2010)
  27. Attend a school reunion.
  28. Witness a rock concert.
  29. Take an active part in an election campaign.
  30. Show up at the airport with my bag and passport- take the first available flight.
  31. Visit a tea plantation.(Darjeeling, India. 17th June 2011)
  32. Go to Ireland and just drive around.

5 responses to “Life List

  1. himangshu

    December 28, 2009 at 8:46 am

    how many have you ticked :D. Lots of overlap with my wishlist

  2. Ashish

    December 28, 2009 at 8:48 am

    Doing many of them is a part of my new year resolution. I will start the work on 1st Jan 2010.

  3. anshul

    April 7, 2010 at 9:12 am

    😀 😀 . I’ve done some of them 😛
    1, 5, 8 , 9 , 10, 15 ( yes i went to a nude beach 😀 ),31, 34. Poori complete hone par aapko batata hoo 😛

  4. Ashish

    April 11, 2010 at 4:42 am

    Damn it boy !!!! Details ?

    • himangshu

      April 15, 2010 at 8:33 am

      updating u on things i did
      11)including breaks i was almost 20
      things to do this yr


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