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The Sacred Funda of PJs

Disclaimer – A lot of PJs mentioned in this post do not belong to me but have been shamelessly plagiarized without giving credits so that people can appreciate the “Science” behind PJs through the usual (and probably seen) examples. See I am THAT amazing a teacher. I think I may cry over this. WAIT, what !!! Don’t be a sissy, of course I’m not gonna cry. <note to self> Focus Focus

All right, so I am gonna be really really REALLY modest here and confess that I crack really cool PJs, at least sometimes. In my school years and 1st year of college, people started trying to make me realize that its not really that cool to be the “PJ guy”. One of the principal reason being the disgust with which people look at you when they realize what a fool they made out of themselves (be a man and admit it that’s the exact effect of a cool PJ – if you are a girl and reading this post please don’t be a man, we already have approx 900 girls per 1000 men in India and sex change operations cost a lot. Not that I would know how much they cost. Hey, stop making that judgmental face). <note to self again> Focus Focus

As a very wise man have said once – “You cannot really hide talent or keep it to yourself” (I’m not sure who said that but I’m pretty sure that this wise man writes this blog). Anyway, it’s been some time now since I realized that I should not keep my PJs to myself. Who knows some time later this can be my thing, like you know “hey, know that guy. He cracks disgusting PJs”  or “hey know that guy, his PJs can make you wanna kill yourself, or him” or “hey know that guy, he is still alive because last time I checked, it was still illegal to kill people”. I mean you get the point right ? you know – people (*sigh*).

So, coming back I always thought that someday I would share my “deadly” PJ skills with one and all. Its not gonna be a single post (may be) because I might add a few stuff as they come to my mind. And besides, I also have been trying to hone my skills, so who knows when later I come with some other techniques, I would share with you all.

For now, hold your breath, coz here we go –

1. Words have meaning “in and out of context” – Here’s a good example to prove it. (You can release your breath, Jeez !!)

A sardarji went to a STD/ISD shop and slapped the operator twice.
Guess why ?
Because there it was written “Number dial karne se pehele do lagae”

Now, what does the above example tells you ? Words can have “deadly” meaning if you take them out of context. Not very surprisingly, English language have loads of them.

In an IPL party Dhoni passes a beer to Raina who gives it to Sehwag to open it. Why? coz Sehwag is an Opener

2. This happens to be my favorite way of making PJs. Take any word and beat the living crap out of it. This is not easy (showing off here) and need widespread knowledge of a lot of names/fields. Also, you must be willing to cross the barriers of language and to be honest, the barriers of prevalent sanity.

Here’s lots of  examples –

What do you call a lioness sitting on a rock ? – SherOn Stone

Who is the leader of Ducks ?  – Frog .. becoz he is the Mainduck

What is the color of frequency? – Purple. Confused ? Here’s the explanation – Unit of frequency – Hertz. You can write it as – 1/sec i.e. per second. In Hindi, second is also called ‘pal’
therefore: Perpal

What does a cat do if she finds a Bournvita ? – She buries it. Becoz the name is “Cat-Buries” (Cadbury’s) Bournvita

On Visiting which part of India you expect your mouth to freeze Completely ? – Its Jammu (Jam-Mu)

Okay, I am getting senti here. Lets continue.

3. Song Based PJs – The most random class of PJs. You are listening to a song and suddenly some words remind you of something else entirely. Here, let me explain –

Kangna Ranawat’s laugh is different from Amitabh Bacchan. Why ? –  Coz the song from the movie Gangster says, “तेरी हँसी तेरी अदा , Auro से है बिलकुल जुदा” . Auro = Amitabh Bacchan (from Paa).

See, told ya – Random !!!! A few more examples that are mostly a blend of method 2 and 3.

What song does a kid sings when he enters Class 1 ? – K.G kiya re … K.G kiya re !

A boy was sad coz a girl rejected his proposal. So he goes in a park to play and take his mind off things. He starts with the See-Saw but it breaks. Guess the song he starts singing ? – “See-Saw हो या दिल हो, टूट जाता है”

As I said – Random !!!

4. CID PJs – Enough Said

P.S. – This post was in my draft for a week now. Sometime you wonder what working on a Saturday can do to you. And besides, I’m lazy 🙂

P.P.S. – I tried a new style of writing a post which is more of a conversation style post. Hope y’all like it.

P.P.P.S. – In spite of being an irregular blogger, I got over 1,200 hits. Seriously, people have lots of free time now-a-days 😛

P.P.P.P.S – You can celebrate. I will write a follow-up post for sure on this topic 😀

Till Next Post 🙂


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