Day before yesterday I met an Uber driver. He told me his life story. He came to US from Africa and started working in Target. His job was to unpack the goods from the trucks and stack them in the back inventory. He had this job for 2 months and suddenly one day he was fired. He was told that he is been fired because he is too lazy. He had no source of income and nowhere to go. He searched for jobs for 9 months and still got nothing. He was living off the social benefits which as he remembers was $200 per two weeks or so. One day his computer broke and he had to get it fixed. This computer was the only way he was applying to all these jobs. When he took it to the shop, the mechanic asked for an hour to fix it and charged him $165. He thought to himself, if this guy can earn $165 per hour so can I. He took distance learning courses and started reading the material himself. He had no idea what each of the technical terms meant but he persevered. He started asking his friends to bring their broken computers and laptops so he can fix it for them for free. Soon he got a job as a handyman at a hospital at which he worked for 3 years. From his pay check every few month, he would buy a laptop and experiment with it to better understand the components. Slowly, his reputation started building and then he quit his job to start his own business. Today he has a store in downtown Chicago, employs 3 technicians and also fixes tablets and smartphones. He owns 3 cars and one of them he uses as an Uber driver.

Something unexpectedly comes along and puts your problems in context. Life is all about resilience. There would be failures along the way, there would be many rejections, at some point you may realize that you are not good enough for that dream job you always wanted. You know what, it would still be okay. You can fail and you can fail hard, it would be embarrassing and it would be utterly humiliating but at least you failed gloriously. You failed with the satisfaction that you gave it everything and that you tried everything. Not everything is meant to be. One door closes and another opens and you enter into it with scepticism and fear. Keep the hope that whatever life throws at you inside that door, you can handle it. And if you cannot, you would take a new door and start again. To put yourself out there needs vulnerability. Be vulnerable. Live. Lose. Live again. Be humble in winning and retrospective in losing. Help someone along the way. Pay it forward. Never lose the inherent desire to learn, never say you cannot be a better version of yourself. Great things come to people who are covered in the blood, sweat and filth of their efforts.

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चाय और तुम

शाम के धुँधलके में
अचानक तुम्हारा मैसेज आया
“चाय पीने चलोगे?”
और मैंने सोचा
तुम्हारे लिए तो बस शाम की चाय हैं
हमारे लिए दिन शुरू करने कि वजह

काम की देरी की परवाह भी न थी
क़दम खुद-ब-खुद तुम्हारी तरफ बढ़ चले
अपनी तरफ़ यूँ ही देखा
और मैंने सोचा
तुम्हारे लिए तो ये बस चंद लम्हें हैं
हमारे लिए दुनिया को छोड़ देने कि तत्परता

घर के पास की ही उस टपरी पर
उस दिन बैठने कि जगह भी न थी
तुमने अनजाने में ही एक चिढ़ा हुआ चेहरा बनाया
और मैंने सोचा
तुम्हारे लिए वो जगह आज चिड़चिड़ी है
हमारे लिए गरमी में जैसे मनोहर छाँव

पैसे देने के वक़्त भोलेपन से तुमने मेरी तरफ देखा
और कहाँ – “मैं आज पैसे लाना भूल गयी!”
मैं, हमेशा की तरह मुस्कुराया
और मैंने सोचा
तुम्हारे लिए वो चाय भले दस रुपये कि है
हमारे लिए अनमोल

और एक यह आज है
तुम साथ नहीं हो
और मेरे हाथों में ये चाय की प्याली है
सच कहूं, बहुत सी चाय की प्यालियाँ पी है तुम्हारे बिना
और यकीन मानो मेरा
तुम कितनी भी बेख़बर हो
जानी-पहचानी चाय भी तुम्हारे साथ
एक अनजानी सी सुकून देती है
न ही वो चाय आम हैं
न ही वो लम्हे आम हैं

मैं कविता लिखता नहीं, न ही मुझे कविता लिखनी आती है. आज बस यूंही कुछ लिखने का दिल चाहा 🙂


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THE 30 day Bollywood Soundtrack Challenge

It was one of the fateful days in July 2011 when I decided to take up the 30 day Bollywood Soundtrack Challenge. “What is this?” – you ask. Here’s the deal – you have to post one song each day on your Facebook timeline. These songs need to be in a particular order (which you will see soon). Sounds Interesting? Damn right, it is 🙂

So why am I exhuming old skeletons. The reason is simple – I need a place where I can easily access all the songs I posted without frantically scrolling every time on Facebook. So buckle up and enjoy the ride. Also, I should try not be so dramatic all the time (take note to self, throw away in 5 minutes) 😀

Day 1. A song that makes you happy.

Day 2. A song that makes you sad. 

Day 3. A song that you like driving to.

Day 4. A song that you like walking to. 

Day 5. A song that reminds you of someone. 

Day 6. A song that you can chill to.

Day 7. A song that you like dancing to.

Day 8. A favourite item number song.

Day 9. A favourite song from a Yash Raj movie.

Day 10. A favorite song often that is played at Indian weddings.

Day 11. A song that can be potentially used as a chat up line. 

Day 12. A song to express matters from the heart.

Day 13. A song to express a broken heart.

Day 14. Your favorite song ever or the closest thing to it.

Day 15. An English song that has been covered by Bollywood.

Day 16. A song that you would potentially have at your wedding as a first dance. Or have had as your first dance?

Day 17. A song that you know all the words to.

Day 18. A favorite patriotic song.

Day 19. A song that you love but be embarrassed to admitting it.

Day 20. A song picturised on your favorite Bollywood star yester years/current or male/female.

Day 21. A difficult song that you wish you could sing …

Day 22. A song that you know you the whole routine and choreography to.

Day 23. A Song that you dedicate to your friends.

Day 24. A song that no one would expect you to love.

Day 25. A song that reminds you of your childhood.

Day 26. A song you play when your happy.

Day 27. A song you play when your sad.

Day 28. A song that makes you laugh.

Day 29. A song that you can relate to.

Day 30. A favorite song that is picturized on the legend that is Amitabh Bachhan.

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We are so strangely Wired !

We forget that losing is just as much a part of life. Perhaps not the most fun part of life, but part of it nonetheless. We forget that we have all seen the bumper sticker that reads “Shit Happens” and laughed thinking “well ain’t that the truth”. EVERYONE fails at something, at some time. Quite aware of the feelings & pains of disappointment, we never arm ourselves with tissues and bandages. What’s it inside in all of us that makes us think “Yes, I can do this” even in the most ridiculous situations. Where do this feeling of hope stays !

We are so strange !

We forget the simplest things. We forget that the easiest way to un-complicate life is to un-complicate wants. As long as we expect the least out of everyone and the most out of ourself, things work out smoothly. We don’t have to hold anyone else accountable then. It’s THAT simple.So, what makes us burden others with our own expectations? What makes us unload our wants on someone else? What makes us believe that things that others think we don’t deserve from them will fall in our laps?

Oh Yes! We are oh so strange.


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Strawberry Avalanches, Saltwater Rooms, Vanilla Twilights and Fireflies – Of Owl City :)

There are songs for every mood.

Some song genres like Rock or Gothic can make some people feel energetic (though most times they never make sense to me). Then there is rap & hip-hop which is all about attitude & cursing and cussing anyone & everyone – African-Americans (referred as niggers in these songs)/world/life/girls (ALWAYS referred as bitches in these songs)/parents etc etc. Then there is country music which can be relaxing & easy going most times (depressing at other times) 😛

But then, once in a while, you encounter something as unique as Owl City 🙂

Now, don’t get me wrong here. I like “Bitch ain’t shit but hoes & trick” as much as any other song but lets face it, you cannot always listen to violent songs or catchy peppy tune pop songs. Once in a while, you want to just plug in your iPod, switch off the lights, lie down, close your eyes & listen to music that make you feel, well, in search of a better term, let’s call bliss. Here comes artists like Coldplay & Owl City (at least for me). What puzzles me is that although most people know Coldplay, very little is known about Owlcity. It may be because Owl City is very new compared to Coldplay.

{Before you ask – NO, they haven’t paid me to do their publicity, although I won’t mind some extra cash & hash :P}

Still From the music Video of Brielle

If you look up on Wiki, it would say “Owl City is an American Second Wave synthpop musical project by American Adam Young”. Boy, I had to look up what’s “Second Wave synthpop” !!! :P. So, in short Adam was suffering from Insomnia & decided to make music on his laptop in his parent’s basement at night. He started posting his music on MySpace & thus happened a record deal.

I think that one reason that I like the music of Adam Young is that I can relate with him (seriously :P). I know what its like to be up all alone at 4 AM in the morning, when the whole world is silent, when you can even hear the water drops & can hear music in it, a time of day when the world is at its best – serene, beautiful, blissful. Also, I know that if I ever make any music, it won’t be on a guitar/Synth but on a laptop 😛

What’s unique about Owl City’s music is the arrangement of songs, the extremely fascinating & soothing lyrics & the fact that they take you to an all together different world. By the way, my favorite of all his lyrics is from “Vanilla Twilight” –

The silence isn’t so bad
Till I look at my hands and feel sad
‘Cause the spaces between my fingers
Are right where yours fit perfectly

Also, Owl City appreciates and celebrates the beauty around us, something that we forget all the time. Tell me frankly, when was the last time you looked at the Sky and just stared at the stars or allowed yourself to get drenched in the rain like there is no pneumonia 😛

My point is that Owl City’s songs have the most unconventional names which make them even more mysterious. Just a look at the track listings from his most successful album “Ocean Eyes” tells the whole story –

The Bird and the Worm, The Saltwater Room, On The Wing, Vanilla Twilight, Tidal Wave, The Tip of The Iceberg, Meteor Shower, Fireflies, If My Heart Was a House etc.

In one interview that I saw, Adam said that he prefers instrumental songs because they don’t have any lyrics & you can interpret them in any way you like. One tune can be made happy, sad or dreamy depending on what is your interpretation of that tune. Now amidst the “bieberization” of music, when has anyone made such a profound statement.

Well my point is that if you have heard Owl City before, wait with me for more magical music (the latest I heard from him is To The Sky From upcoming Motion Picture “Legend of the Guardians”). If you have never heard it or just heard a few songs, then here are few recommendations of my favorite Owl City songs –

1. Fireflies

2. The Saltwater Room (Ft Breanne Duren) – A few words about Breanne. If you don’t know whats its like to fall in love with just few words of a female singer, do listen to this track 🙂

3. Vanilla Twilight

4. Brielle

5. Umbrella Beach

6. On The Wing

7. Hello Seattle

P.S. – A big thank you to Mr Ajay Pandey & Mr Mohit Dantre, two strangers who were good as to like my blogs & letting me know. Although this post is a more personal one, I hope I can ensure their revisits 🙂

P.P.S – No need to tell me its a mushy mushy post.

P.P.P.S – I forgot to mention, do watch the Owl City videos – they are equally amazing. If only I could have a room like the one in Fireflies video 🙂

Till Next Post 🙂


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The Sacred Funda of PJs

Disclaimer – A lot of PJs mentioned in this post do not belong to me but have been shamelessly plagiarized without giving credits so that people can appreciate the “Science” behind PJs through the usual (and probably seen) examples. See I am THAT amazing a teacher. I think I may cry over this. WAIT, what !!! Don’t be a sissy, of course I’m not gonna cry. <note to self> Focus Focus

All right, so I am gonna be really really REALLY modest here and confess that I crack really cool PJs, at least sometimes. In my school years and 1st year of college, people started trying to make me realize that its not really that cool to be the “PJ guy”. One of the principal reason being the disgust with which people look at you when they realize what a fool they made out of themselves (be a man and admit it that’s the exact effect of a cool PJ – if you are a girl and reading this post please don’t be a man, we already have approx 900 girls per 1000 men in India and sex change operations cost a lot. Not that I would know how much they cost. Hey, stop making that judgmental face). <note to self again> Focus Focus

As a very wise man have said once – “You cannot really hide talent or keep it to yourself” (I’m not sure who said that but I’m pretty sure that this wise man writes this blog). Anyway, it’s been some time now since I realized that I should not keep my PJs to myself. Who knows some time later this can be my thing, like you know “hey, know that guy. He cracks disgusting PJs”  or “hey know that guy, his PJs can make you wanna kill yourself, or him” or “hey know that guy, he is still alive because last time I checked, it was still illegal to kill people”. I mean you get the point right ? you know – people (*sigh*).

So, coming back I always thought that someday I would share my “deadly” PJ skills with one and all. Its not gonna be a single post (may be) because I might add a few stuff as they come to my mind. And besides, I also have been trying to hone my skills, so who knows when later I come with some other techniques, I would share with you all.

For now, hold your breath, coz here we go –

1. Words have meaning “in and out of context” – Here’s a good example to prove it. (You can release your breath, Jeez !!)

A sardarji went to a STD/ISD shop and slapped the operator twice.
Guess why ?
Because there it was written “Number dial karne se pehele do lagae”

Now, what does the above example tells you ? Words can have “deadly” meaning if you take them out of context. Not very surprisingly, English language have loads of them.

In an IPL party Dhoni passes a beer to Raina who gives it to Sehwag to open it. Why? coz Sehwag is an Opener

2. This happens to be my favorite way of making PJs. Take any word and beat the living crap out of it. This is not easy (showing off here) and need widespread knowledge of a lot of names/fields. Also, you must be willing to cross the barriers of language and to be honest, the barriers of prevalent sanity.

Here’s lots of  examples –

What do you call a lioness sitting on a rock ? – SherOn Stone

Who is the leader of Ducks ?  – Frog .. becoz he is the Mainduck

What is the color of frequency? – Purple. Confused ? Here’s the explanation – Unit of frequency – Hertz. You can write it as – 1/sec i.e. per second. In Hindi, second is also called ‘pal’
therefore: Perpal

What does a cat do if she finds a Bournvita ? – She buries it. Becoz the name is “Cat-Buries” (Cadbury’s) Bournvita

On Visiting which part of India you expect your mouth to freeze Completely ? – Its Jammu (Jam-Mu)

Okay, I am getting senti here. Lets continue.

3. Song Based PJs – The most random class of PJs. You are listening to a song and suddenly some words remind you of something else entirely. Here, let me explain –

Kangna Ranawat’s laugh is different from Amitabh Bacchan. Why ? –  Coz the song from the movie Gangster says, “तेरी हँसी तेरी अदा , Auro से है बिलकुल जुदा” . Auro = Amitabh Bacchan (from Paa).

See, told ya – Random !!!! A few more examples that are mostly a blend of method 2 and 3.

What song does a kid sings when he enters Class 1 ? – K.G kiya re … K.G kiya re !

A boy was sad coz a girl rejected his proposal. So he goes in a park to play and take his mind off things. He starts with the See-Saw but it breaks. Guess the song he starts singing ? – “See-Saw हो या दिल हो, टूट जाता है”

As I said – Random !!!

4. CID PJs – Enough Said

P.S. – This post was in my draft for a week now. Sometime you wonder what working on a Saturday can do to you. And besides, I’m lazy 🙂

P.P.S. – I tried a new style of writing a post which is more of a conversation style post. Hope y’all like it.

P.P.P.S. – In spite of being an irregular blogger, I got over 1,200 hits. Seriously, people have lots of free time now-a-days 😛

P.P.P.P.S – You can celebrate. I will write a follow-up post for sure on this topic 😀

Till Next Post 🙂


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Modern Day Story of Rabbit & Tortoise

Tortoise and Rabbit were good friends and used to work together every day. One of the days, the topic of the famous race between their ancestors came up. A discussion ensued and they argued whether “Slow and steady win the race” is still relevant. The rabbit was far too proud to assume that any tortoise can defeat him. The fight grew more and more till they decided that the only way to settle it is a race between them. It was also decided to invite as many audiences as possible to witness the race.

The race started on a circular race track. It was decided that there will be 5 laps. The audience preferred to sit near the finish point. The race started and as expected, the rabbit took a substantial lead of more than a lap at the beginning itself. He thought he should take a nap as he could defeat the tortoise whenever he wants to. He could not find any green grass so he started thinking. Just then he saw the tortoise walking slowly but steadily. An idea came to him and he climbed on top of the tortoise’s hard back. The tortoise, a diligent fellow, wasn’t even bothered with the additional weight, for he was already used to carrying so much load. At the last lap near the finish point, the audiences were cheering loudly. This broke the rabbit’s nap and he climbed down and finished the race way ahead of the tortoise.

After the award ceremony, he was asked by another rabbit, how he managed to do what his generations were never able to do. He replied as a matter of factly “I rode on someone else’s back”.

P.S. – Blog updated after a long time. I blame Twitter. Micro-blogging have spoiled my mind against Macro-Blogging 😀

P.P.S. – The credit to the plot of this story goes to a newspaper article pointing that in today’s world a rabbit win all the races.

Till Next Post 🙂


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